Geooh GO for Android

Three Apps in One


All your profile data in one place... finds, hides, trackables, souvenirs, lists, etc. Even shows your leaderboard, photos, notes, messages, and Project-GC stats.


Geooh GO is the most feature rich geocaching app available on Android... or iOS! Beautiful to look at, and easy to use.


WheriGO, the only fully integrated wherigo player in a geocaching app. A modern player with advanced mapping and navigation.

Geooh GO

Special Features

Nearby Notifications*

Be notified of nearby caches while driving. Works in the background.

Geocache Find Stats

Show breakdown of daily finds. Or select a date range to show your finds.

Route to Geocaches*

Show route to a cache on the map, or the most efficient route to several.

Answer Sheet

Built-in answer sheet to record answers to Virtuals and Earthcaches.

Solution Checker

Enter coordinates for Groundspeak's solution checker.


Run apps with Geooh compass in PIP mode. Pokemon and cache together!

Trackable Travels

Show a map view of trackable travels with total miles covered.

Share Lists Wirelessly

Easily share your offline lists or TB codes with others near you.

Proximity Alerts

Proximity pings and vibrations that increase as you get closer to a cache.

Fingerprint Actions

Quick context sensitive actions using the fingerprint sensor.

Waypoint Averaging

Integrated waypoint averaging to create waypoints. No GPSr needed.

Fullscreen Map Display

Turn on map fullscreen mode for a more immersive experience.

Sound and Animations

Geooh has fun animations and sounds when finding a cache. Ta-da!

Dark Mode

Turn on a global dark mode theme for all Geooh screens.

*Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Integrated TB Scanner

How often have you tried to see the tiny tracking code for a TB, but couldn't read it? How about trying to enter the many codes at an event? Now you can easily use your phone's camera to scan codes on trackables, photos, or even paper to discover them.

Geooh will show you the goal of the coin or trackable and then accumulate codes to bulk log them later. Share these batched codes with others nearby... wirelessly! Along with auto visiting TBs when logging caches it couldn't be easier to enjoy trackables.

And oh, you can also scan waypoints!

mobile coin

Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Map Overlays

Who likes to find caches in counties? Geooh is the only app to display county boundaries with shading directly within the app. As you log finds Geooh will record a found for that county to shade it.*

Import a county found list from your own spreadsheet or from a GSAK exported file. When selecting a geocache on the map, Geooh displays the county it is in. If you like counties, you'll love Geooh!

Actually, you can use any KML or GeoJSON overlay on the map. Delorme challenges are available in this format for you to use. If you are technically oriented, develop your own map overlays for whatever need you have.

Overlays are also used to show a route to a geocache, or to show the most efficient route to multiple caches. See a route before navigating to the cache!

*USA, United Kingdom, and Australia only

Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Buit-in GPX Tracks

Ever bushwhack to a geocache, but then couldn't find your way back to the car? Would you like to let friends know the best route to take to the cache? Geooh has a built-in GPX track creator.

Geooh can keep track of your movements while you walk. Turn the tracker on at the start of a hike and then turn it off when done. A track is recorded in the industry standard GPX track format and saved on your device. Use it to find your way back. It will even show you the elevations of the track.

And yes, you can load the tracks in other apps or load tracks created elsewhere into Geooh!

Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Wear OS Support

Would you like to geocache with a watch? Now you can with a Wear OS watch tethered to Geooh on your phone.*

Geooh can send a geocache to your watch. From there it shows the cache on a map, displays information about it, and then can show a compass to navigate to the cache. Imagine you are bushwhacking over rough terrain with your expensive phone in one hand. Maybe a hiking stick in the other. Are you afraid you may drop the phone? Oops! Now with Geooh GO on your watch put the phone safely away and monitor the watch compass as you near the cache... even has proximity alert pings. Once found use your phone to log it.

There is even a fun Geooh GO watch face. When connected to your phone the watch face displays a smiley. Press it and Geooh obtains your daily find stats and shows them on the watch!

*Requires a Wear OS 2.0 watch with a magnetometer sensor

Only on Geooh GO Enhanced

Android Auto (Coming soon)*

How would you like to see nearby geocaches on your car's Android Auto console? And easily navigate to them from there? Well, coming soon Geooh GO will be the only geocaching app to provide a built-in native Android Auto app!

*Currently in development for version 12

Watch Now

Geooh GO

Feature Summary

  • Offline cache lists
  • Download from any cloud drive
  • Option to download full cache info or lite
  • Add/delete geocaches in lists
  • Add caches to lists and waypoints to caches
  • Offline logging queue
  • Log templates with placeholders
  • Add multiple photos to your logs
  • Cache updates propagate to all offline lists
  • Edit personal notes on cache web page
  • Show finds stats for the day or date range
  • Extract waypoints from cache notes
  • Auto add corrected coords to cache notes
  • Auto log TB visits when logging a cache
  • Auto attach log images to TB logs
  • Waypoint averaging and projections
  • Optional dark mode theme
  • Quick sorting by distance to caches
  • Caches color coded by difficulty
  • Group caches by status in collapsible sub-lists
  • Advanced filter options using multiple filters
  • Filter lists by keywords, types, favorites, dates...
  • Filter lists sets saved for future use
  • Icons change to Found or DNF after logging
  • Icons overlayed with previous DNF/FTF status
  • Cache descriptions rendered in full HTML
  • Refresh cache logs or download more
  • Filter logs by criteria... or view only friend logs
  • Directly load cache from email notification
  • Store database in external SD card storage
  • Export offline list to CSV format for GSAK
  • Color code waypoints for a cache
  • Download cache images for offline
  • Search your logs
  • Slide out drawer to easily select geocaches
  • Displays distance to selected geocache
  • Show Google Street View of geocache location
  • Offline maps and tile server options
  • Add any GeoJSON and KML map overlay
  • Show route to geocache
  • Show optimized route to multiple geocaches
  • Track your path to a geocache
  • Cluster markers for condensed viewing
  • Show geocaches in a 'hotspot' view
  • Show elevation and county info for locations
  • Show county boundaries (USA only)
  • Shade found counties (USA only)
  • Theme matches the website
  • Fullscreen mode for a more immersive map
  • Refresh cache list as you pan the map
  • Display your finds in a 'heatmap'
  • Integrated Wherigo player
  • Integrated TB scanner
  • Integrated waypoint averaging
  • Integrated Wear OS watch app
  • Integrated GPX tracks
  • Integrated answer sheet for earth/virtual caches to store and send answers
  • Integrated solution checkers for Groundspeak (in app, not web), plus all the others
  • Integrated county finds database with county boundaries, names and shading
  • Nearby geocache notifications (phone, watch, and car)
  • Create optimized routes to caches in an offline list and show on the map
  • Geocache/TB logs and favorited by friends and yourself are highlighted with background shade for easier recognition
  • Search for caches by favorite points, D/T, size, attributes, not found by, active, has corrected coordinates, has note, basic/premium, and country
  • Picture-in-picture mode to show small compass window while using other apps (like Google navigation does)
  • Proximity alerts with continous radar 'pings' and vibration as you near a cache
  • Share TB scan lists with others
  • Show TB travels on a map
  • Bulk TB logging (just like
  • Overlay any KML/GeoJSON map overlay like Delorme boundaries
  • Share offline lists wirelessly
  • Dark mode matching Android day/night modes
  • Immersive fullscreen map display
  • Split-screen landscape mode for tablets
  • Offline logging and bulk uploading for later
  • Offline network monitor to post logs automatically when network comes back online
  • Daily finds stats by cache type and owner
  • Group caches in an offline list by unfound/found/dnf with collapsible headers
  • Filter lists with save criteria for later option filtering
  • Caches overlayed with FTF/DNF badges on maps and lists
  • Highlight caches and waypoints with user controlled colors
  • Show new Groundspeak Helpful and Great Story tagged logs
  • Show all waypoints for all caches on the map at same time (including original coords, good for geo art)
  • Filter logs by user or log type
  • Log snippets and placeholders popup when creating logs
  • Map marker clustering (like the official Groundspeak app)
  • Show last found date for a cache and all who have favorited it
  • Offline queuing of logs to submit later when network is not available
  • Directly create offline list from a bookmark without having to create a pocket query
  • Use fingerprint sensor to trigger actions
  • API usage meter
  • Show all available GeoTours and download them into an offline list
  • Show your souvenirs
  • Show a list of all your bookmark lists, logs, photos, friends, and trackables
  • Fun animations and sounds when logging
  • Native Android 11 support

Geooh Screenshots


Authorized API Partner

Groundspeak's API program allows 3rd-party developers access to HQ data and services for the benefit of the geocaching community. Geooh GO is an authorized app that uses the API. If you don't see the Authorized Developer logo for an application, it is probably violating terms of service by scraping data from the website.

Frequently Updated

Geooh is regularly and aggressively updated with new capabilities. In a way it is becoming a community app as users request new features. The developer has over 11,000 geocache finds... virtually all found with Geooh... so you know the app is well tested and has a foundation based on years of experienced geocaching.

Feature Rich

There is no other geocaching app... on Android or iOS... that has the depth and range of features that Geooh has in it. Several key features like TB scanning, wherigo player, and waypoint averaging are built into the app eliminating the need to purchase or use other single-purpose apps.

stats API



You will not find a more complete, more useful, more indispensible tool of the trade than Geooh. It's the only tool I have that gets used every time I cache.

The developer's approach to a geocaching app is unlike any other. First he employs a list based focus that just makes sense. Next he includes a myriad of built-in components instead of having to switch to another app. Finally he communicates with his users and turns their wishes into features.

I could rattle on about features, but there's a feature list on this site already. Instead, I'll tell you that Geooh removes the frustrations other apps introduce. It replaces them with tools that make sense and a layout that makes it easy.

Dane - Don't Call Me Sir

I used Geooh exclusively to conquer the 2018 Tri-Cities Geocoin Challenge event. I downloaded the bookmark list of the caches after they published and I was off running with my crew. Using the map we determined our route and it was just a matter of tapping the "Navigate To" feature for each cache to get us there fast. In real time I was logging caches and discovering travel bugs galore.

My favorite feature of the app comes into play when GZ is a bit of a walk from the parking coords. I'm a big "follow the compass arrow" guy and with a simple tap on the screen the compass arrow comes to life. Then when I need to see the big picture map again I simply tilt my phone up, the compass arrow melts away and there is my map. Tilt the phone to level again and the map disappears and the compass arrow is back pointing my way.

Thanks Geooh for the great app!

J.D. - KidVegas19
Cache Advance, Compass Creek Designs

Let me start by saying I was a diehard c:geo user and I didn't think another geocaching app was out there that would get me to switch… until I came across Geooh. It certainly felt richer and had better looking screens which would be enough for some to stop using c:geo. But after a change in thinking how a geocaching app should operate (offline list oriented) I realized Geooh was doing it correctly. Add on the many features only found on Geooh I was sold and began telling others to use this app, especially those new to geocaching.

To let you know, I own 3 Geotours, I’ve build a half dozen GeoTrails, and have hosted a MEGA and the only GIGA in the US. I am also a top trackables producer so the many built-in TB features in Geooh like a scanner and bulk logger really rocked for me. I have considerable geocaching background and knowledge. And the app I personally choose to use is Geooh!

Jesse - AFK
AFK Geocaching, GeoWoodstock 2018

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On our geocaching podcast today, we have a chat with Ron, developer of Geooh Live, geocaching app for Android.

Geooh GO requires Premium Membership

Why does Geooh require premium membership at the website? Check out the following comparison from Groundspeak on member limits and benefits for mobile apps.


  • Basic Members are limited to viewing full geocache details for up to 3 Geocaches/day.
  • Geocache search results for Basic Members are limited to Traditional Geocache Listings only.
  • Basic Members may request full geocache details for non-Traditional Geocaches using the GC reference code.

Geooh GO 

  • Due to the Groundspeak limits on Basic Members, Geooh advanced features are not available for Basic memberships.
  • Basic members are better served using the official Groundspeak app instead.
  • $4.99/One-time


  • Premium Members are allowed to download full details for up to 16,000 Geocaches/day.
  • Geocache search results for Premium Members can obtain Geocache Listings for all geocache types.
  • Premium-only geocaches designated by cache owners are available for searching and download.

Geooh GO Enhanced

Geooh GO Enhanced is a special release that provides several advanced features. This enhanced version requires a subscription in addition to the base price to pay for the on-going additional service costs.


  • TB Scanner
  • County Boundaries
  • Alternative Maps
  • Map Route Display
  • Map Street View
  • Nearby Geocaches
  • Wear OS Support
  • GPX Tracks
  • Offline Worker*
  • $0.99/Semi-annually

*Offline worker will monitor network availability and submit logs for you when connected... automatically!

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